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At Adventure Life, we aim to create an atmosphere where students can have fun, be themselves, and develop meaningful relationships at as little financial cost as possible to move individuals out of their regular day-to- day activities and get them connected with qualified and loving adults and enjoy the world around them. We meet at 3pm and take our bus to the event location with youth being dropped off between 9-10pm.

Participants can expect to take part in activities that get them outside and moving. Adventure Life mainly focuses on youth (age 12+), but individuals of all ages can get involved via volunteering or similar means. Although every week is different, typical Adventure Life Adventures include drop-in hangouts at the Ranch, wakeboarding and other water activities on our boat, hiking, beach days, rock-climbing, trekking, local trips (Enderby River, Penticton Speed Way, Kelowna Trestles, etc.), and Bigger Trips or Special Events such as concerts, water parks, camping/road trips and many more activities in the Okanagan area!

If you would be interested in attending an event, are interested in becoming a volunteer, or have ideas/suggestions for Adventure Life Hangouts please fill out the information below or contact Nathan Hayward at 250-215-7928.

To participate, the following forms need to be printed, filled out, signed and brought with you to the bus!

1) Authorization and Medical Form
Authorization and medical form

2) Activity-Specific Forms:
The Mission Group Watersports Waiver
Snowboard Club Waiver

Do you have any questions or require more information? Contact Nathan by filling out this form!

All it takes is one caring adult to make all the difference in the life of a youth. We bring a simple hope filled message of “YOU ARE LOVED!” to the hurting youth of the Okanagan.
If you love teenagers, have thick skin, love Jesus, and can commit to being present in the lives of these youth CONSISTENTLY, then joining our volunteer team may be for you. We ask for a high level of consistency with our volunteers. These young people we care for have often been hurt by the adults that were supposed to care for them abandoning them. We want to add to the good relationships in their lives, not provide them with one more broken attachment. So we don’t ask for a commitment that is based on months or years. But instead we ask that you stay committed to a youth. For the long haul.


Explore the Volunteer Onboarding Process Here