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Our History


Bursting to life out of the ashes of the second World War, came a movement called Youth For Christ. Passionate young people proclaimed a message of hope and new life.

This spark quickly grew and spread across the world. Currently YFC is in over 100 countries around the world. We are “Geared for the times, and anchored to the rock”. Our mission to bring hope to the world, with the love of Jesus, remains the same. The way we go about accomplishing that mission changes with the tides of culture.

We do everything from drop-in centres, pulling youth out of the sex trade, group homes, prison chaplaincy, school campus work, sports programs, and just about everything else you could think of.


What we are all about

Compelled by the love of Jesus, we bring the simple message of “You are loved!” to the youth of the Okanagan. We battle the dragons of isolation, mental illness, and hopelessness, by stepping into the messy lives of young people, fighting to see transformation in their lives. We are all about empowering high-risk youth to be resilient by connecting them with caring adults, in long-term and stable relationships.


Our Strategy

Inspire youth towards wholeness through
Intersecting into their lives through being where they are
Investing in them through caring long term relationships
Interceding on their behalf through prayer and advocacy
Incubating environments for them to grow through inviting them into healthy, stable, and small communities.


Our Staff

Carmen Rempel

Carmen has been called to the orphaned and isolated young people of the Okanagan. She has been placed there to pioneer a new YFC work that reaches out to these youth who are in desperate need of hope.

Michael Brandt
Youth Worker/Director of Compass Life

Michael and his wife Michelle moved from Winnipeg to the Okanagan in the summer of 2015. Michael has long had a passion for working with youth and he is excited to join the new YFC program in Kelowna. Michael is particularly passionate about walking alongside youth in a mentorship role. If you want to get to know him just talk to him about baseball or perogies.

Nathan Hayward
Youth Worker/Director of Adventure Life

Nathan is a young man who was born and raised right here in the Okanagan! He has been involved in youth work for over 5 years and desires to make a greater impact in the lives of the people he shares his home town with. Being a recent grad from the Counselling Foundations program at Summit Pacific College, Nathan is excited to live alongside the youth of Kelowna and guide them to healthier living through various outdoor activities, sports, and simply building relationships. Nathan lives on the westside and is always up for a new adventure, no matter what it is!

Sharla Morrison
Youth Worker

Striving to pour into youth’s lives showing them that life is beautifully messy which is okay, with the right people and Christ, love, joy and hope can be found.